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Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo: Talent comes from every corner of globe

Published: Jun 26 at 8:03 a.m.

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo enters its middle age in a big way this week, celebrating its 40th anniversary with one of its splashiest shows yet.

Running from now until July 2 at Scotiabank Centre, the annual pageant of pomp and circumstance Monday afternoon held a sneak preview of a handful of the dozens of acts taking part, with a mix of military musical precision, graceful dance, impressive acrobatics, and rock and roll South Pacific-style on the ukulele.

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Acclaimed Cape Breton musician Heather Rankin headlines at Celtfest

The Millstone. March 26, 2018 – 7:27 pm
Almonte Celtfest 2018 is honoured and proud to announce Heather Rankin to the 2018 lineup this year!

Heather Rankin is a songwriter, singer and a 2018 Juno nominee for “A Fine Line”.

After twenty-five years of performing with her siblings, Heather Rankin comes into her own with “A Fine Line”, her debut solo record. This is Rankin like you have never heard her before, breaking away from The Rankin Family’s signature sound, and forging her own musical legacy with her poetic,

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Ten 2017 Christmas Albums Worth Checking Out

Music Canada Blog.

It’s been proven that a good Christmas album, even though it contains songs that have been covered hundreds of times over the years, can sell very well. As the folks who celebrate the holiday yearn for fresh interpretations by their favourite artists to listen to while they wrap gifts and decorate the tree, we present 10 Canadian artist Christmas albums released in the past couple of months. These are listed alphabetically by title. Hopefully one of these will appeal to you.

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Heather Rankin bringing holiday cheer to Glasgow Square

The News. 

Heather Rankin will be performing at Glasgow Square Theatre on Friday evening. 

Christmas in the Rankin family home, like their lives, was filled with music.

Heather Rankin remembers as a child the joy of singing in the church choir with her sisters and her first Boxing Day ceilidh at the Mabou Hall.

“It was always an exciting thing,” she said. “It was a social outing.”

She hopes to spread a little holiday cheer in Pictou County this year as she brings some new and old songs to Glasgow Square Theatre on Friday at 8 p.m.

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