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JUNO Spotlight: Heather Rankin


By Andre Gagne. Ottawa Life.

What is it like growing up in one of Canada’s most beloved musical families? Well, if you’re Heather Rankin you sum things up nicely with the word “chaotic”.

Born the eleventh child in an already musical household, she looks back now on a childhood when the Rankin Family was just, well, the Rankin family. Then, there was no touring, CDs or awards but there was still music. Lots of music. Her life was one of songs, melodic tradition and filled with pianos and fiddles;

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Groundswell Music Festival Concert Review

Halifax Bloggers

Supporting local is something we should all strive for whenever possible. This past weekend Groundswell Music Festivaltook local support to another level. Nova Scotia can feel a great deal of pride in the product that was displayed. Food, drinks, and of course, music, all from our beautiful province, thrilled the crowd from March 16-19.


Thursday night kicked off the weekend at the Spatz Theatre with a Celtic show for both young and old. Heather Rankin started things off promoting her new solo album “A Fine Line.” She took the stage and treated the audience to a multitude of songs written for said album,

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GroundSwell Music Festival: Night One

By John Sandham. Watch Magazine

So… I’m back at it again! Compared to festivals I’ve covered in the past, this one started out a bit differently. The Spatz Theatre at Citadel High School was the venue for night one of this festival whose organizers, GroundSwell Music, are focused on highlighting Nova Scotian talent and helping young, emerging musicians from the province. Mayor Mike Savage was in the house (and I’m pretty sure I saw him grooving in his seat to Rawlins Cross…).

Heather Rankin kicked off the evening.

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Inverness County’s Heather Rankin chosen as an Ambassador for Canada’s 150th Birthday


A Mabou native has been selected to be a “Canada 150 Anniversary” Ambassador! Heather Rankin will be one of the Ambassador’s that were selected across the country to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada and confederation.

Rankin says she is very excited to have been selected to represent Canada as an Ambassador. On top of a busy schedule this year, that features ECMA and JUNO nominations, Rankin says she is pleased to be a part of this exciting project. So far, she has been highlighting important people through her social media accounts:

Rankin says she encourages people to become involved by following her on her social media platforms.

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