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Heather Rankin bringing holiday cheer to Glasgow Square

The News. 

Heather Rankin will be performing at Glasgow Square Theatre on Friday evening. 

Christmas in the Rankin family home, like their lives, was filled with music.

Heather Rankin remembers as a child the joy of singing in the church choir with her sisters and her first Boxing Day ceilidh at the Mabou Hall.

“It was always an exciting thing,” she said. “It was a social outing.”

She hopes to spread a little holiday cheer in Pictou County this year as she brings some new and old songs to Glasgow Square Theatre on Friday at 8 p.m.

The concert will feature some songs people will remember from Rankin’s time singing with her siblings as part of The Rankin Family, but will also include songs from a new record she recently finished titled Imagine.

“It’s a Christmas slash winter season record,” she said.

On it are a few traditional carols as well as a few more generic winter-themed songs.

“The goal of this record was to create something clas­sic and beautiful, music that people will want play­ing in their homes for generations to come. Music to listen to while having dinner or gathering with family and friends. I wanted to share songs that were a very special addition to the celebrations,” Rankin said. “But I wanted to put my stamp on holiday music. I could have easily done a record of covers, but I felt it was important to put something out there that expressed my take on the season.”

She began working on the album late in 2016 and said it’s exciting to final be able to release it. She released this album independently, so it took quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work to make it a reality.

“In addition to the three traditional Christmas carols which include Silent Night, Once in Royal David’s City and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, five of the tracks are songs I’ve written with some wonderful Canadian songwriters. The two additional tunes that complete the record are a modern day prayer, A Text to God, written by my friend David Tyson and of course, the title track, Imagine written by John Lennon.”

Although, it is not a Christmas song, Rankin believes the message in Imagine to be one that aptly suits the sentiment of the season.

“I think Imagine really encompasses the spirit of the season. This song really says it all. Its message resonates with me now more than ever. At a time when we are supposed to be so advanced and enlightened it seems we have taken many steps backwards. I believe people are innately good but we really need to wake up and recognize and embrace our differences if we want to bring about positive change and live in a peaceful world. I think that’s what John Lennon was saying but in such a beautiful and poetic way,” she said.

Want to go?

When: Friday, Dec. 15, 8-10 p.m.

Where: Glasgow Square Theatre New Glasgow

Ticket Cost: $35, tickets on sale at Glasgow Square Theatre and